Our entrees are prepared in accordance with our Registered Dietitian. 

These Symbols denote entrees that are within restrictions for the following diets:

Each of our meals consist of the main entree or protein, a starch and a vegetable that are all packaged in the same tray. Our beverages, desserts and bread/margarine are all packaged separately for your convenience. Each accompaniment is listed on our menu for each entree. The specific vegetable and starch listed for each item is chosen for the purpose of maximizing the nutritional benefit. Because our nutritional analysis is done for each meal based on the specific components of that meal, we cannot change the vegetable or starch for a specific item. The nutritional content of each meal appears on our nutritional label which is located on the bottom of each tray. Our entrees are prepared in accordance with our Registered Dietitian and in collaboration with our on staff chef. Food With Care, Inc. can accommodate the need for a Diabetic, Low Sodium, Low Fat/Cholesterol, Renal or Puree diet.

On our menu, these specialty diets are denoted by a "DB" next to the menu item for Diabetic, a "LS" for Low Sodium, a "LF/C" for Low Fat/Cholesterol, and a "R" for Renal.

All Puree items are listed in a separate section on the menu. Puree items are only suitable for a regular diet. Please note that although all of our menu items are approved by our dietitian to fulfill the state requirements for these special diets, each individual may have needs that vary based on their specific medical conditions. It is up to each individual to review our nutritional information and determine which menu items are appropriate for their specific dietary needs.