Customer Service

We understand that your calls need to be handled with skill, professionalism and efficiency.  Customer's calls are not an interruption in our busy office; they are the reason we come to work.

Our customer service representatives can help you by providing you with detailed information about your orders and delivery schedule.  Customers can have confidence in delivery of their orders and the accommodation of any special arrangements that might be necessary. We have the capacity to integrate personal customer service with both case management and clients. You will be amazed with the flexibility your customer service representative can bring to your needs. 


Funding for Food With Care Meals is available through different sources.  We take referrals (also known as "Authorizations") from case managers with various agencies around the state. Food with Care currently receives referrals from over 100 agencies around the state and is constantly contracting with new facilities to accommodate a broader clientele base

Our main funding sources include:

  • Medicaid Waiver
  • Medicaid PAC Waiver
  • Long Term Diversion Programs
  • Community Care for Disabled Adults

Private Pay: Anyone can order our meals and pay privately; there are no requirements for someone to buy meals from us.  

Clients who pay privately can use the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Master Card 
  • Cash
  • Check 
  • Money Order 

Clients must order a minimum of ten meals each delivery, but are not under any obligation to receive more than one delivery.  Unless a client requests we do not place them on a call roster, as we believe there should not be any pressure for clients to purchase meals. These clients hold the responsibility of calling in to place their orders as they need it.  We have two different meal packages that private pay clients can choose from.