Culinary Facilities

We are happy to provide you with a certified Chef who presents a dynamic meal program that constantly expands our focus on individual nutritional needs. A passion for delivering food of the highest possible quality for you to enjoy is the key element that makes our Chef a success.

As always we promote client choice of quality meal selections from a diverse menu that accommodates specific dietary needs. Our unique combination of in house advantages such as an on-staff Dietitian, Chef, Baker and   Meat butcher allow us to facilitate a wide range of special diet requirements while constantly refining our techniques.

Your meal is made with passion in a healthy family atmosphere with the idea of you consuming your meal pleasurably in mind!

Our style and variety of food is drawing from a mix of Latino, International and American recipes with endless variations of classic dishes that can be found in a casual tray. So why should you spend the time to make your own?

Our chef Jose is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and we invite you to explore the many options we provide for you in our menu.  In addition to our permanent meal selections, Food With Care, Inc. quarterly presents special new meals for your enjoyment. 

No matter what diet you require, our dietitian has you covered with Diabetic, Low Fat/Cholesterol, Low Sodium, Renal and Pureed menu choices. Each of our meal items also meet a third of the Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance as recommended by the state of Florida.

 Because we are "The Company With a Heart," we are delighted to make your meal!